Market Data: Our core business

A large percentage of our customer projects involved the processing of financial market data. We therefore developed a solid understanding for all aspects of marketdata, notably also of the vendor specific datamodels, properties and shortcomings.

If you need experts in market data: Unitek understands and deliveres.

Where possible, we use Informatica PowerCenter, a flexible and powerfull tool to integrate data from diverse sources into databases.

The processing of less timecritical data is mainly done in Java and usually involves standard relational databases.

Software for the processing of timecritical reatlime data is still written in C++, often also involving realtime platforms such as Reuters RMDS.

The Feedhandler TRIS is such a high performance product based on C++.

The software runs on Solaris and Linux, some modules also on Windows. It is based on a proven architecture, designed for lightning fast processing of updates at high datarates.
It runs reliably in 7×24 operations and automatically recovers from interrupts and restarts of all kind. A web frontend is used for surveillance and configuration.