Finding the proper fitting solution is our prime objective, as this has the greatest influence on costs, project duration, and ease of maintenance.

Unitek has implemented projects in the following domains

  • Dataintegration and distribution in heterogeneous environments
  • Processing of financial data (Reuters, Telekurs, Bloomberg, S&P etc.)
  • Database applications (Oracle, PL/SQL, MySQL usw.)
  • Webapplications using Java Applets/Java Server Pages/EJBs
  • Java frontend applications with Swing GUI
  • SMS, XHTML and Java-based applications for mobile devices
  • Scalable and resilient solutions with IP load balancing
  • Hostintegrations with CORBA und Websphere MQ
  • Migrations to Linux und OpenSource technologies
  • Webservices / SOA architectures with SOAP and WSDL