Our customers

Here follows an alphabeticaly sorted extract
from our customerlist with a corresponding
project example

  • Development of an EAI server for consolidating numerous datasources into an Oracle database, with hostintegration via IBM MQ-series.

  • Integration of the derivatives application “GLOBOS” with the Eurex using the Eurex “Values” API.

  • Integration of the tradingapplication “FrontArena/Prime” via FIX protocol with the Reuters RMDS platform and contributing via ConteX
  • Joint venture for TRIS , a gateway solution that allows to use Telekurs data (MDF datafeed) in Reuters RMDS platforms.


  • Adaptation of CS Mobile Finance for the Vodafone mobile portal, redesign using PML, support for alerting via premium SMS.

  • Development of tools for the maintenance of the ENUM addresspace

  • Development of a gateway to contribute bondquotes fia FIX protocol, Reuters RMDS and PICOS

  • Integration of numerous datasources (Telekurs, Reuters, Bloomberg, InHouse sources) into the Reuters RMDS platform and an Oracle based market data repository