Telekurs data integration

Unitek works since 1990 with Telekurs/SIX-FI financial data and APIs. During this time, a number of projects have been implemented for common customers as well as for Telekurs.

The most popular product in this context is TRIS (Telekurs Reuters Integration Server), a feedhandler that makes the huge data universe of SIX-FI available to the Reuters RMDS/TREP plattforms.

TRIS - Telekurs Reuters Integration Service

What is TRIS ?

The Telekurs-RMDS Integration Service brings the rich universe of financial data provided by Telekurs to the Reuters RMDS platform. TRIS integrates the world of Telekurs and of Reuters on the data content level as well as on the technical level.


While RMDS remains the platform for information delivery to back-end and front-end applications, TRIS seamlessly blends in Telekurs data as an alternative source. The user can access the data just as if it came from Reuters.

You may use Telekurs data to complement Reuters data, or to serve as an independent backup source, ensuring permanent access to business critical data.

Since 2013, Reuters customers can purchase an “Extended RIC License”, which allows them to continue to use RICs as the masterkey to financial instruments provided by SIX-FI

How does TRIS work ?

Regarding data content: TRIS handles the requests from the RMDS platform. It translates each request and fetches the relevant financial instrument data from Telekurs. The data returned by Telekurs is converted to the Reuters datamodel, so that all the fields and codes (currency, country, instrument type etc.) appear as defined by Reuters.

However, Telekurs delivers many fields that have no aequivalent in the Reuters datamodel. Therefore, TRIS enables you to install the original Telekurs datamodel on the RMDS side, in appendix_a compatible format.

Entitlement codes are made DACS compatible, so that DACS may also be used for entitlement and reporting of Telekurs data.

Regarding technical integration: TRIS gets the financial information and real-time quotes from Telekurs. Telekurs delivers this data on the “Telekurs Market Data Feed” (MDF) over redundant private TCP connections. TRIS processes and converts this data as necessary and forwards it to the RMDS platform.

TRIS runs on industry standard X86/Linux platforms and on Sparc/Solaris. The components interfacing to the Telekurs or Reuters systems run on the platforms supported by those vendors.

Designed for 7×24h uptime, TRIS supports dynamic configuration changes (no restart required) and automatic, unattended recovery after hardware restarts. It also features extensive monitoring and logging, for analysis and inspection purposes.

The origins of TRIS

The architecture of the TRIS solution is based on reliable software components that run on Solaris/Sparc and industry standard X86 systems.

TRIS is in use as a key component of a large, multi-vendor financial platform at a leading Swiss Bank. It has been in production since 2000 and has proven to be a very stable, mature product.
Many institutions running an RMDS platform evaluate alternative data sources, as complementary or as backup to Reuters data. Therefore, Telekurs has partnered with Unitek, to provide the best possible solution for RMDS to Telekurs integration.