Bloomberg data integration

Unitek offers several components for the integration of Bloomberg data, e.g. the processing of Bloomberg “BackOffice” feed, data base for time series, execution of corporate actions, detections of anomalies (spikes) or calculation of key figures.

One of the most recent components is “BORA”, see below.

BORA - Bloomberg On demand Request Adapter

Bloomberg Data License

In addition to the traditional terminal, Bloomberg also offers data feeds for integration into customer applications or data bases. Two of these products are:

  • Bloomberg “PerSecurity” Feed: This feed allows to retrieve financial instruments once or a few times per day. The scope is all data which is also offered via Bloomberg terminal, including historical time series.
  • Bloomberg “B-Pipe on demand”: This product offers a real-time data stream, i.e. all quoted or traded prices for shares and other frequently traded financial instruments.

Simple, unified interface

BORA offers an uniform interface to the client, independent whether the data is retrieved via “B-Pipe” or “PerSecurity”. Even the specific formats of intra day history and closing price history will be mapped to the same interface.
The Format may be a simple, comma separated file (.csv) or a direct integration into the customers data base.

Flexible intervals

For each financial instrument, a specific interval may be configured between once a day or every five minutes. This allows BORA to act as a “near-time” feed handler, i.e. to combine the advantages of a simple file feed handler with the real-time data of the “B-Pipe” data stream.

Optimize data cost

With BORA the data source can be configured for each financial instrument. This allows to define an optimal mix between data quality (timeliness) and data cost. BORA also combines queries form different clients to eliminate duplicates and to further reduce data costs caused by multiple requests.

Time series

With the initial request of a financial instrument, BORA enables to load the intra day history or the closing-price history, e.g. into a time series data base.

Operating and Monitoring

For a single BORA installation, recovery may be enabled to reload data via “PerSecurity” which was missed via the “B-Pipe” product.
In addition, BORA may be installed redundant, i.e. a second installation will take over the data retreival in case of a failiure.
The extensive logging of BORA allows a specific monitoring with a particular system management tool.